The origins of BOSS stretch back a quarter of a century, when the company was founded in 1983 from a group of specialized IT engineers. Their vision was to supply businesses exemplary software for commercial & financial management, optimized in the new generation of software systems.

BOSS from its establishment day has been involved in developing CUSTOM software for companies that innervate in the commercial and production line sections. With basic target being the multi user system we have developed specific software for commercial companies, production units and organizations.


Maintaining partnerships with a number of major IT suppliers like MICROSOFT, Hewlett Packard, CISCO, Symantec, our company has the ability and flexibility to provide its customers optimum solutions, combining products and services based on the demands and requirements of each project.


With a vision to take the lead set in the new IT reality, BOSS in addition to the development of modern software (MyERπ), constantly invests in the development of commercial and business activity by providing integrated systems utilizing the extensive experience and expertise in technology.


Our company’s main activities are concentrated on:

  Consulting Services at the technical level of the solution (Application Consulting - provided by our company regardless of undertaking the overall implementation of a project)

  Integration of Information Systems (Systems Integration)

  Monitor & Deliver, integrated IT Project (Project Management)

  Support Services (Technical Services / Help Desk / Call Center / Service Contracts)

  Education Services

  Specialized Services (database tuning, systems migration, etc.)


Our Company’s approach is based in the philosophy of long-term close relationship with our customers and deep understanding of their needs.




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